DigitalSmartPen is founded upon the copywriting niche. Most of our work is directed at the online market. We do however produce copy for other purposes as well. Our main services are as follows:

Website content

Your website is your primary marketplace on the web. And our work is to use terms that resonate best with your target audience in order to give you an edge over your competitors. DigitalSmartPen is famous for its well-crafted website content.  

Blog writing

We customise blog posts to provide accurate and useful answers to your readers and clients. A well-written, SEO blog greatly increases the chances for your website to be seen by the people it is targeted to.

Social media management

Every single social media site has a unique culture and energy associated with it. We understand these dynamics. We continually study and analyse social media. This makes us the best creators for your winning content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Technical writing


The founder of DigitalPen, Bongiwe Mntambo has an engineering background. She together with the growing team of technical writers are eminent at writing copy in the technical niche.