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Livescribe, the company that spearheaded the move to digital voice recorder smartpens celebrated its fifth anniversary last month, as a leader in digital voice recorden pen technology and digital writing solutions.

The award-winning Livescribe Pulse Digital Voice Recorder Smartpen was introduced in 2008, the award-winning Livescribe Echo Digital Voice Recorder Smartpen in 2010.  The newest entry in the lineup of Livescribe Digital Smartpen Models is the 2GB EFFIGS Echo Smartpen unveilled  in 2011.

This Overview of Livescribe Smartpen Models describes:

  1. The digital voice recorder smartpen products on site
  2. The Smartpen Products currently featured by Livescribe
  3. The functionalities and features of Livescribe Smartpen Models in both Pulse and Echo product lines
  4. The model products which have detailed reviews with links to Digital Smartpen Product Reviews
  5. Selecting the right smartpen for you

About Livescribe Smart Pens

In 2008, when the company introduced the Pulse Digital Voice Recorder Smartpen,  Livescribe revolutionized the digital writing market by synching audio recordings of a lecture or conversation with handwritten notes and drawings captured at the same time.

The new digital voice recorder smartpen was known for capturing every word of a talk, as well as the handwritten notes and drawings recorded at the same time so the smart pen user “never misses a thought”.

The Livescribe Smartpen Digital Voice Recorder Smartpens provide a valuable new tool for students, teachers and business professionals, which save time, improve learning, and enhance business productivity.

The new Livescribe products combine to create a new product category, digital writing solutions, which  bridge the paper and digital solutions. Note-takers can capture complete information from meetings and classrooms or highlights more easily. Note-takers can store, synchronize and convert notes, organizing them for search, retrieval and sharing.  Note-takers using Livescribe Smartpens can get more value from notes recorded in phone conversations, meetings and classes.

As Glles Bouchard, Livescribe CEO. said in his Happy Anniversary speech, “Five years later, the opportunity and demand for digital writing has grown exponentially with mass consumer adoption of tablets, connected devices and cloud services. This year, Livescribe will advance our technology to capture and seamlessly connect everything consumers hear and write with the online services, and mobile devices they love – further strengthening our position as the leader in digital writing.”


Livescribe Smartpen Functionality

All Livescribe Smartpens share the same functionality and most features regardless of Amazon Model number, the eight or nine digit number that often appears in the title of a blog.

The unique model number typically reflects difference in release date (age of model), product line, and  storage on the pen. The smartpen storage cannot be increased for any Livescribe Smartpen except the Livescribe 8GB Smartpen, APA-00007. Users who record a great deal of music or travel a lot attending lots of conferences, conventions and frequent meetings may be interested in increasing the tremendous Livescribe storage.

It is important to be aware of the Product Name (Echo or Pulse) and model number when purchasing.  There are a number of prior Pulse models still on the market.  For more information see Pulse models below*.

Common to all Livescribe Smartpen Models

With all Livescribe digital voice recorder smartpens,  you can capture every thought of the speaker while recording handwritten notes and drawings.

Store your synchronized notes on the Smart Pen or upload to the computer. Organize, Search, Replay and Share your notes by tapping on on a word like Subject or Topic.

Use a Livescribe Smartpen you to capture every thought of the teacher or presenter. For example, jot down subject, topic, date of the presentation, action required and due date for later searching while the pen records each word.

You can build a Custom Notebook for your subject on your special Livescribe Desktop web space with all Livescribe digital smartpen models.

Search and Replay your notes or Notebook by tapping on a word like Spanish or topic like QA.

For a Livescribe Pulse vs Echo Comparison visit Should I Buy an Echo or a Pulse?

Livescribe Digital Smartpen Models

Pulse model products are no longer being developed although refurbished 2GB and 4GB Pulse Refurbished Smartpen bundles are currently sold on  There are currently older models available at Amazon for highter prices.  The refurbished 2GB and 4GB Pulse model products available at Livescribe may be very good values.

FLASH -the price of the Livescribe 4GB Echo Smartpen APX00005 (formerly APA00006) has suddenly dropped. It is now $2 more than the 2GB Echo APA00009 or the APX00008 even though the 4GB Echo has the following extra features:

  1. Livescribe Connect Premium not just Connect Basic

  2. One year subscription to Evernote Premium

  3. Twice the pen storage of the 2 GB, 400 hours rather than 200 hours

The prices of the Livescribe 4 GB Echo Smartpen APX00005 and the Livescribe 8 GB Echo Smartpen have been consistent in the last year, trading in a fairly narrow range. The new Livescribe products such as the Connect Premium (email)  Paper Tablet, Sticky Notes and Sound Stickers extend the versatility, creativity and productivity of these two Echo Models.

Customers and prospects have said that new product development for the Livescribe 2 GB Echo Smartpen is no longer supported. The 2 GB prices at Amazon have been very volatile in the last six months.  The volatility may be an indication that Livescribe is hoping to move 2GB customers and prospects to the more robust Livescribe Digital Voice Recorder Smartpen. At $120 currently, he 2GB Echo with 500MB Livescribe Desktop offers a great deal of functionality but it is not as good a value as the 4GB Echo Smartpen Product APX00005 which offers twice the storage and Connect Premium for only $20 more than the best price for the 2GB.

Selecting the Best Livescribe Digital Voice Recorder Smartpen for YOU!

Digital is intended to be an online resource for information about digital smartpens. The focus of the website is on current Livescribe  digital voice recorder products, software and accessories, giving visitors the information on how to make SMART CHOICES for their needs. Wherever possible we have included special deals and information on the best prices and how to use your smartpen choice to best advantage.

Our mission is to sift through the immense sea of digital pen information on the internet and eliminate the duplication and clutter to focus on the best digital smartpen products available, new offerings and current and new Smart Ways to use them. We hope the information provided is helpful to you.

 Livescribe Echo Voice Recorder SmartPens

There are four models in the Livescribe Echo Voice Recorder Smartpen Product Line.  All four models have all the features and functionality we have described in the Echo digital smartpens.  Which model you buy really has to de with details such as:

  • The number of apps you want on your smartpen
  • The amount of music and audio you want on your smartpen
  • The number of hours or days without access to a computer or ability to transfer files
  • Your willingness to monitor pen storage to ensure transfer of data when needed so you can record more


  • Livescribe Echo Smartpen 4GB or Livescribe Echo Smartpen 8GB if you travel often, attend conferences often and use lots of apps
  • Livescribe Echo Smartpen 8GB Pro Pack if you attend alot of meetings and conferences and take bundles of notes to organize and share. The Livescribe 8Gb Echo Smartpen Pro Pack has a marvellous Smartpen Porfolio, a Set of Binaural Stereo Ear Buds for hearing in huge rooms, and My Script forLivescribe, handwriting conversion software, that creates digital text from handwritten words transferred to the Livescribe Desktop.
  • That leaves the Livescribe 2GB Echo Smartpen for virtually everyone else.   If you remember to transfer notes when you have to charge your battery anyway, you will be fine.  Once the notes are on the computer the functionality of the Livescribe Desktop is the same with a couple exceptions. You pay extra for Connect Premium to add Email.  You cannot use Livescribe Paper Tablet.  For everything else you are good to go–you never need to Miss a Thought!

This Livescribe Smartpen Model overview  will get you up to speed on the Livescribe Echo Smartpen products. These are amazing technologically advanced, highly capable, easy to use and affordable digital voice recorder pens. Learn all about how to choose the right digital smartpen for you, and how you can maximize the capabilities of these amazing tools.

For most Livescribe Smartpen fans and pen owners the Livescribe Echo 4GB Smartpen, APX00005 (previously APA00006) is the best value for the features and functionality. Talk to Livescribe Customer Support and you will probably hear them tout all you get in a Livescribe 8 GB Smartpen bundle. You can get a great deal on the 4GB smartpen from Amazon, do you really need the ear buds and handwriting conversion software. You will capture every minute of a lecture or conversation, adding a few handwritten notes and drawings. This is a great deal!

For details on the 4GB Echo APX00005. click here: Livescribe 4 GB Echo Smartpen


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