Livescribe Echo 4 GB Smartpen APA-00006 Best Value

Livescribe Echo 4 GB Smartpen APA-00006 Best Value 


I am writing this review because I’m excited about the great value offered by the Livescribe Echo 4 GB Smartpen APA-00006 (Model Number now APX00005).  This digital voice recorder smartpen is only a year old, and it can do more to transform our lives and make us more productive than a year ago– as students, teachers, professionals and groups with special needs who can benefit from the wonderful technologies integrated in this pen..

You might well say that a pen is after all a pen. Why create such a racket about a digital recorder smartpen? But there are some things which are life-changing. There are technological advances which can really make a difference.

What if a pen could t the life of an ESL student, a learning disabled child or a multi-tasking professional? What if a pen can bring a smile on the face of a physically challenged adult? I am going to talk about such a pen – a pen that can make a difference - Livescribe Echo 4 GB Smartpen Model APA-00006.

An Overview of the Livescribe Enhancements  to the Echo 4 GB

The prices of Livescribe Echo Smartpens have been discounted since the digital voice recorders were introduced but the quality and number of enhancements have increased the value of the pens and their performance for the price. There have been many enhancements to the value offered by the Echo 4 GB a year ago, but three stand out to me:

  • New applications have been introduced throughout the year since Livescribe Echo smartpen introductions, including but not limited to Livescribe Paper Tablet, Livescribe APA-000043 Voice Recorder Sound Stickers App, and Livescribe Voice Recorder Sticky Notes App.  These applications have materially extended the Livescribe digital voice recorders’ versatility and performance for many, many target audiences. See links below to articles about these great apps.
  • Livescribe announced this summer Livescribe Connect Basic and Premium, software that adds Basic connections plus email, connectivity to Google Docs and Google sites and facilitates connecting Livescribe smartpen users interested in sharing notes with a large number of people, friends, students and colleagues.  The Connect Premium edition is included in the price of the 4GB Echo smartpen.
  • Amazon has a Special Offer for a One Year Subscription to Evernote Premium for FREE with the purchase of either a Livescribe 4GB Echo or an 8GB Echo Smartpen. Redemption code will be delivered upon smartpen registration. This offer will be valid through July 31st, 2012.

Great Apps Introduced by Lives in the last year:

View ANA00043  Audio Recording Sticky NotesVisit

Read Livescribe Voice Recorder Sound Stickers App,visit: 

Read About Livescribe Productivity Apps visit:

Check Out Livescribe Paper Tablet: Click here:

For details about Amazon 4 GB Echo Smartpen Deals, Click , Click Here: Livescribe 4 GB Echo Smartpen

My Review of the Livescribe 4 GB Echo Smartpen

What you get:

Out of the box, you get:

  • Livescribge Echo 4 GB smartpen with a whopping 400 hours of audio and digital storage
  • 500MB of personal online storage for archiving and organizing notes for searching, replay and exporting
  • Top Notch Livescribe Desktop Software
  • Standard 3.5mm audio jack which can use your personal stereo ear buds
  • Dot paper starter notebook – Special paper with DPS ( Dot positioning system)
  • Standard 3.5mm audio jack
  • Micro USB Cable for transferring notes and charging the king-size battery which holds a charge 5 hours before requiring recharging
  • Livescribe Connect Premium, an awesome Social Networking enhancement which improves collaboration and provides one-click connectivity to Google Docs and Cloud apps.
  • Many powerful system utilities including superior audio controls (8 levels replay speed, volume controls, search by keyword forward and back, calculator, pen name and password
  • Interactive Getting Started Guide
  • Smartpen Tips and Tricks Guide
  • 2 smartpen caps
  • 2 ink cartridges

The writing on the wall – Livesc 4GB Echo Smartpen 

Capture every word of a speech, presentation or conversation as well as a record of handwritten notes and drawings recorded at the same time. Think for a moment of a teacher writing a formula on a white board while talking about the necessary calculations.  Never miss a thought or handwritten or drawn note!

Record audio or handwritten keywords or keyword phrases for ease of searching and replay

Most of us get tired while taking notes, especially students. We all may be easily distracted at times or our attention may wander.  Taking notes in meetings, conversations, or lectures may have meant we have missed the critical parts of a talk or presentation

With a Livescribe 4GB Echo Smartpen, I can now attend a conference without fear of losing important details in meetings or when conversing with colleagues. While taking notes, I just have to jot down the keywords or headings and hit the audio button to record. A Livescribe Digital Recorder smartpen does the rest.

When I am back home, I can click on a keyword or keyword phrase to replay the whole talk or key elements, or on the relevant keyword or text heading to search the recording (called a pencast) for the beginning of the part I want to replay!.

Convert handwriting to digital text

With optional handwriting and speech speech to text module, I can convert everything into text – saving a thousand headaches and lots of time rewriting. This is the beauty of technology I am talking about. It provides the ability to transform your ordinary manual life into a high power, creative and result oriented tool—the Livescribe 4GB Echo Smartpen APA-00006 is all about.

Enjoy Smart ergonomic pen design

By smart design I mean, this smartpen is easy to hold and write with. It has an antiroll ergonomic shape which is made to feel like your ink pen. It has a rubber-like grip which is nice and fits snugly.

Search, update and share – Livescribe Desktop

A Livescribe 4GB Echo Smartpen is a power house when it is connected to the computer with a Livescribe desktop interface. I could not believe it at first when I saw the collaboration and sharing which was possible with this awesome technology. I could share pencasts, custom notebooks and PDFs with a whole lot of people, friends, students and fellow travelers in life. Livescribe 4GB Echo Smartpen brings an entire ecosystem into play. You can share your notes as CDs and PDFs and even love songs (MP3 files) if you are up to it.

Take advantage of superior audio controlsAt the bottom of the Livescribe dot paper are controls that allow skipping to a keyword, back to another keyword, moving back and forth.  The audio recording can be paused and replayed more slowly (8 levels of playback speed).  I have known foreigners who cannot follow the spoken word well. There are teenagers with hearing problems from listening to loud music. The lectures and meeting notes can be replayed slowly with volume adjusted as many times as needed.

Record audio for narrating directions or step-by-step guidelines

The pen is particularly good at recording oral reports, capturing timed readings, or recording a presentation in draft stages. The pencast can be uploaded to the Desktop where images can be added and the oral report modified.  Recording oral reports or oral readings is especially helpful when studying a foreign language; the student gets to hear his pronunciation and check the definition with the language translator.

Narrated guidelines can be captured using the digital smartpen with Livescribe Technology and Livescribe special dot paper. Livescribe paper or Sound Stickers could be used effectively in labeling parts of a human skeleton and providing recorded definitions of terms. Check out this UTube Video that demonstrates the utility and learning benefits of using Livescribe audio recording technology for narrated guidelines:

Consumer Notice:  My blogs may contain one of more affiliate links.  That means if you buy something from one of them, I may get paid an affiliate commission.

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Enjoy 500 MB of online space

Creating virtual notebooks is a breeze with the Livescribe desktop. With every purchase you get 500 MB of online space which you use to store your data and share with others. With Facebook integration, I think the pen has reached its zenith. Now don’t ask me about Facebook!

Record 400 hours of audio

Just for comparison, your iPod which you use for listening to songs has almost the same storage as the Livescribe Echo 4GB Smartpen. With Livescribe 4GB Echo Smartpen you can record 400 hours of audio, which means a semester worth of lectures. Considering that you will be transferring data to your computer every few days, 4 GB storage is an enormous amount.

 Battery and accessories

I found the battery to be king-size. It lasts for five hours recording before recharging. Since I am a safety freak I like to transfer all my files to the computer as often as possible, though I have not yet faced any loss of data. The Micro – USB cable is easy to connect to the computer USB port and the transfer of data is seamless.

Extensive List of Great Apps

Livescribe adds new Livescribe apps as well as Third Party apps that increase owner productivity. serve as Reference Tools and are truly creativive educational tools. The CEO is a visionary and is following an Apple strategy of providing technical specs, encouragement and support fot third party developers, a strategy that grows apps far faster than Livescribe competitors and increases the value of the Livescribe Echo 4GB Smartpen APA00006 to users.

I have included below a bulleted list of posts written about the best apps for this pen:

The Livescribe Echo 4 GB Smartpen has the memory to support dozens of apps; these are the ones that I have found most beneficial:

Educational and Productivity

Livescribe Voice Recorder Sound Stickers:  With this app, you will be able to transfer sound that has been recorded to Dot Paper Stickers 3/4″ in diameter. These stickers can be affixed anywhere you wish place them to and they will play back audio in a crystal clear manner.  These are not just for education use but they excel when used for creating Talking books and Word Walls, building interactive games like concentration and interactive vocabulary lists. To appreciate their value for professionals, think of creating a narrated steps to solving a difficult algorithm.  When calculating Net Present Value of an asset, using a three step formula, think of the benefits of placing a sound sticker next each step recording guidelines for calculation!

Net Present Value of an asset using a three step formula, think of of the benefits of placing a sound sticker with step explanation next each step recording guidelines for calculation!


Livescribe Connect Premium: adds a social layer so people can quickly email or share these “Pencasts” with colleagues, co-workers or friends via Livescribe Desktop, mobile phone or computer.

Evernote Premium; Amazon is offering a special One Year Subscription to Evernote Premiur for 4GB and 8GB Echo Smartpens for FREE (a $45 value) until 7/31/2012.  With Evernote Premium, you can create pencasts with PDF files, share on your mobile phone and store on EVERNOTE. With Evernote Premium, the text within your PDF is searchable. Remember an annual subscription to Evernote is free if a Livescribe Smartpen is purchased and registered at Livescribe by July 31 of this year!

Livescribe Paper Tablet–The Paper Tablet enables the smartpen to be transformed from a writing tool into an input device like graphics tablet for accessing, viewing and changing notes displayed in portrait or landscape mode. The Livescribe Productivity Application Paper Tablet enables your Echo Smartpen to be used like a mouse hovering over the Livescribe Special Dot Notebook to make changes to a Google Doc which will appear on the Paper Tablet Screen. Tap a page of the Microsoft Office Mortgage Product Excel spreadsheet to select it as a Paper Tablet Page and mark up the slide, or add a video explaining a Mortgage Product. .

Livescribe ANA-000043 Sticky Notes: Buy 3 3X3 and 2 3 X 5 pads of Livescribe adhesive-backed sticky notes audio controls for recording and replaying handwriting and audio. Note pads fit in pockets or purses and each note can be attached to the page of a textbook, a Livescribe Notebook, a story book to create a talking book, or the minutes of a meeting. A great idea, the re-positionable sticky notes allow you to record comments about a doc or textbook subject and organize all notes on one page.

Pencast Player–Sold at, Pencast Player creates interactive PDFs with audio embedded.

Livescribe Reference Apps

Livescribe American Heritage bilingual Spanish English Translator:  An optional  must-have for students learning English as a second language is the 40,000 word American Heritage Spanish English translation module, which enables a student to tap on an English word to return the translated term with definition and pronunciation.

American Heritage English Dictionary App–The 70,000 word American Heritage English Dictionary App provides definitions, of course, but pronounces the word as well.

Wikipedia App–For $1.99 at, purchase an app providing Wikipedia reference info to integrate with info on Livescribe Desktop or helpful for research and study

What Else do I Need to Use Livescribe 4GB Echo Smartpen APA-00006

You receive two ink cartridges and a Special Dot Paper Notebook with your pen. Within a couple months or so you will want to consider adding:

  1. Special Dot Paper–Livescribe Single Subject Spiral Notebook 4 Pack $19.95 or Livescribe A5 Single Subject Notebook 4 Pack $17.95  or 2 pack Journal
  2. Livescribe Ink Cartridges 4 medium black and 1 fine red
  3. RECOMMENDED ADDITION Livescribe ANA-000043 Sound Recording Sticky Notes (450 notes for $12.95)-5 pads of special dot note paper which may facilitation recording, organizing, managing and searching notes for replaying (Record notes in a notebook and supplement notes later with handwriting, drawings and audio—all notes groups for improved understanding and study!)

The not so good things about Livescribe 4GB Echo Smartpen:

There are a few niggles here and there:

  • Livescribe charges separately for a Handwriting Conversion Package, My Scribe for Livescribe. Digital Conversion using this module has been problematic for some pen owners who have poor handwriting.
  • Unless secured in a Smartpen Portfolio ($24.95) or in a Cup with neck strap, the 4GB Smartpen has a tendency to roll on the table or desk.

The Bottom Line, My Recommendation

I would recommend Livescribe 4GB Echo Smartpen for everyone – especially for students and professionals who need to record and store many, many notes, a great deal of audio and music and/or many apps. Aside from storage, the features and functionality is the same as the Livescribe 8GB Smartpen, model APA00007.

For many many target audiences, it is a great productivity tool which has the ability to capture every thought of an important conversation or speech, record action items and to transform normal lives. Used intelligently it can save hundreds of hours of manual labour transferring written notes into legible reading material. The organization and management features of the Desktop will facilitate organizing your notes for best retrieval. The pen doesn’t cost much, less than a college textbook, Over time you can derive many benefits from Livescribe enhancements which go beyond the initial cost on purchase of Livescribe 4GB Echo Smartpen.

I believe the ultimate benefit to you is that the Echo 4GB Smartpen can be a game changer. With this pen you can attend meetings and lectures and record absolutely every word, every drawing or formula without missing an important thought—and do it effortlessly.

Later you can replay the whole recording or parts of the recording, searching by keyword and replaying at a speed you feel comfortable with. Upload to the Desktop for archiving, organization, search and exporting. If there is an observation or audio you want added or a drawing you can update the pencast recording.

This Digital Smartpen Review has not been able to cover all the benefits of this smartpen. I hope you will agree that the Livescribe Echo 4 GB Smartpen product offers the Best Value among digital smartpens and you will have many more pleasant surprises once you start using this smartpen.

For Amazon 4 GB Echo Details,  Click Here: Livescribe 4 GB Echo Smartpen

Consumer Notice:  My blogs may contain one of more affiliate links.  That means if you buy something from one of them, I may get paid an affiliate commission.

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