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Listed below are some of the resources and tools I have found most helpful in building Digital for your consideration as you develop and manage your web sites and website content.

Bruno Lubrano

 Bruno Lubrano has delighted parents and chldren with his illustrations for more than twenty years. A Freelance Illustrator based in Bologna, Italy, he is best known for drawing, illustrations for children’s books, and comic books. Has worked in many other fields including book cover design and character design. Member of  SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writer’s and Illustrators) and USK (Urban Sketchers)

Paul Taubman

I have taken and highly recommend Paul’s 28 day Free eCourse. The articles are consistent with Brian’s webinar content and internet marketing strategy.  The course helps with website planning and structure.  Best of all are Paul’s free webinars which stand out among the free webinars offered by everyone.  If you have a chance to catch last week’s webinar, it includes tips for embedding a video including centering the videa, and also website ranking by Alexa. I am grateful for Paul’s assistance and his inspirational snippets he send by email each day!!
Paul’s Websites:
Kirk Dugan, Security Consultant
SecureLock, Recommended by Hostgator for hardening, secure WordPress installation, upgrade of plugins, and identification of security problems.  Installs double authentication protection to avoid bots, and other security isslues.

Thea Woods

The Website ManagersThea Woods is an incredible talented graphic artist and writer who did awesome work for my two websites, Digital Smartpen, and Digital  I am thrilled with the headers and the ebook cover. She understood the needs of site visitors and my goals; I believe the resulting designs are outstanding and very creative.
As Thea describes her offerings: “We are a full-service Internet Marketing Company, with services including: web & graphic design; social media design & marketing; WordPress website design & management; mobile media design & marketing; copywriting; SEO; google places ranking; print design; video marketing, and more. Feel free to contact us for specific details and a quote. We look forward to serving you :)
Susan Coursey, Editor
Susan Coursey, Editor

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