Echo 8 GB Smartpen APA-00007 with Tablet Can Transform Notes

Echo 8 GB Smartpen APA-00007 with Tablet can Transform Notes

Livescribe Paper Tablet App

Livescribe Paper Tablet App

The Livescribe Smartpen Productivity Application, Paper Tablet application  enables a Livescribe Echo 8 GB Smartpen APA-00007 to seem like a graphics tablet that can transform your notes.

Using the Livescribe Paper Tablet App, enables the smartpen to seem like a writing tool hovering over a Livescribe Notebook and transforming notes displayed on the paper tablet.  The smartpen can access each page of note, view omissions or additions and change and enhance notes.

Use the Echo Smartpen like a graphics tablet when you are reviewing a Microsoft Windows 2010 Powerpoint Presentation in landscape mode or sharing a Word Document of Step by Step Guidelines for Solving Equations in Portrait Mode.  The Livescribe Echo smartpen will work with your notes and allow you to make changes for each page displayed on the Paper Tablet.

You might think that a Livescribe Echo Digital Voice Recording Smartpen is just a voice recording device, but in reality it is so much more.  I am sure you have wanted many times to add keywords, drawings or even audio to a document page or presentation slide.

At any time have you ever wanted to record your own voice on a page with notes you have written or recorded?  What if you could?  Believe it or not, with the Livescribe Paper Tablet, the Livescribe Echo Smartpen makes it easy for you to do that!

Echo 8GB Smartpen connected to Laptop

Echo 8 GB Smartpen connected to Laptop

What is a Livescribe Echo Smartpen

The  Echo Smartpen from Livescribe records everything you hear, say and write, and links your audio recordings to your original notes, so you can always find what you need and you can update whenever you want.

The Livescribe Smartpens have extended Pen Technology by adding the capability to capture a digital voice recording while recording handwritten notes and drawings.  The recordings are synchronized to the original recording.  This unique and special feature makes it possible to update or add audio or text to the recordings at a later date and maintain links.

For more information about the technology underlying the pens visit: Digital Smartpen Technology

Packed with many features, the Livescribe Echo 8GB Smartpen makes it easy to capture a voice recording, and add  to the audio recording with notes and drawings while preserving the relationships between audio and notes taken at the time of recording.  The integrated notes or pencasts, can be stored on the pen or your personal online web space, the Livescribe Desktop, where they can be organized and searched, broadcast, shared or archived.

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The Livescribe Smartpen Application Paper Tablet enables your Echo Smartpen to act like an input device.  Connect your Echo Smartpen to your computer using the micro-USB cable, and use the smartpen like a mouse hovering over the Livescribe Special Dot Notebook to make changes which will appear on the Paper Tablet Screen.

For example, tap a page of a Microsoft Office Mortgage Product Document to select it as a Paper Tablet Page and mark up the slides, quickly and easily with additions and changes on the Tablet screen.

Add Notebook Content for Improved Notebook Organization, Search, and Replay. Adding keywords to pages or notebooks may be important because keywords can help with note access, organization and structure.

If you have left out important keywords for structuring the presentation, you can page through the presentation displayed on the Paper Tablet and add keywords to each page for searching, drilling down or replaying content.  For example, you can search on the pen for a presentation on Mortgage Financing which has slides for each product in a major mortgage product category (15 Year Fixed Rate, 30 Year Fixed Rate, or Variable Rate Mortgage for example).

A hierarchical structure of keywords allows searching from Product to Product viewing Terms, Fees and Features of each product, skipping forward or backward from Product to Product without going through extra detail. Or you can add keywords to search across Mortgage Products, all mortgage products that can be sold to borrowers with underwater mortgages.

The Livescribe Echo Smartpen in Action

The Livescribe Echo Smartpen lets you do so much more than view notes and assign keywords to transform notes  This is a smartpen that works with your notes to transform them.  For example, the smartpen allows you to record audio for each specific page in your Mortgage Financing Presentation.  This is way different from a voice recording device.

How it works is that you connect the smartpen to the Micro-USB Cable and start the Livescribe Paper Tablet Application, opening the Mortgage Financing Powerpoint Presentation.  After starting the slide show, identify Pen Type and Landscape mode, specify the Paper Tablet Page and use the pen to move about the Livescribe notebook page as the cursor moves across the tablet screen.   To insert audio describing the particular Mortgage Product, press RECORD.

The Livescribe Echo Smartpen will remember that specific page and you can do a voice recording or call up that particular audio recording.  That means that if your Mortgage Financing Presentation has 20 pages of Mortgage Products, you can record 20 different audio recordings, each one explaining the Product, fees and features.

Business professionals will be able to use the pen to full advantage.  Whether taking notes at a seminar, making changes to a business plan, updating a spreadsheet or annotating statistics, adding Paper Table to your the Livescribe 8 GB Echo Smartpen APA-00007 enables you to transform your notes. To read a review of the Livescribe 8GB Echo Smartpen, visit here:

You can connect your data to a computer and add, review, and change your notes with other people via Livescribe Community or email.  You can also attach audio and video files added using the Paper Tablet and send your content to other people via email, Facebook, Google Docs, and more.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a business person, educatior or student, you’ll find that the smart pen will help you get more out of everything you do.  The Livescribe Echo Smartpens come with 2GB, 4GB and 8GB storage space; if you’re planning to record a lot of information, it is recommended you go with the Livescribe Echo 8GB Smartpen, Model APA-00007.  You’ll be glad you did!

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