Livescribe Echo 4 GB Smartpen APA-00006

Livescribe Echo Digital Voice Recorder Smartpen

Livescribe Echo 4 GB Smartpen APA-00006

Tireless Tutor for Language Learners

A Livescribe Echo Smartpen  Digital Voice Recorder like the Livescribe  Echo Smartpen 4GB APA-00006 can transform the pen from a writing tool into a tireless tutor for foreign language learners.  A Livescribe Echo Smartpen does not require a language translation module to excel as a Study Tool for students of a foreign language.

There are so many ways a digital recorder smartpen can accelerate a language learners’ linguistic skills and improve other academic skills as well. At the most basic level, the student can leave the pen recorder on a desk while he leaves the class room to talk to another student or teacher and return to find he has captured a complete voice recording of his language.

But the recording will have no accompanying notes, no keywords for searching, no drawings and the student may not need or want a recording of the entire foreign language class.  With an Echo smartpen, you can call up the recording later, and add and change notes and synchronize the amended notes with the original voice recording.

There are times when the student will want to capture every word of a lecture to improve comprehension and pronunciation.  The student can store the recording on the pen or transfer the recording to the online personal web space of the student, the Livescribe Desktop, where a Custom Notebook of language classes can be created and stored.

A student with Russian Conversation classes each week, can record each class in its entirety.   Livescribe Echo Smartpens can store sound recordings of conversation classes can stored on the smartpen or on the Livescribe Desktop and replayed  as often as the student likes.

Livescribe voice  recorders can replay audio at eight playback speeds.  If the student has difficulty understanding the teacher because of the teacher’s accent or speed of the conversation, the volume and playback speed can be adjusted, a great benefit for foreign language learners. 

Special Alphabets

Some languages like Russian use a special alphabet as the Russian Language uses the Cyrillic alphabet and instructors spend extra time at the blackboard writing examples and verb conjugations. The pen recorder will capture the instructor’s voice as he works at the whiteboard and also record the instructor’s handwritten notes.

Missed Classes

College students miss about twenty percent of their classes. Not to worry if you own a smartpen.  The student can have a friend borrow the pen recorder to ensure a complete recording.  The student can also add notes taken by a friend and keywords for searching.

Sharing Notes Easy

Sharing is easy with the Livescribe Echo 4GB Smartpen APA-00006. The student can connect the pen to a computer via the Micro USB cable and share notes with other students, a friend or study group.  Content can be sent over Facebook, Google Docs, your mobile phone and other mediums in a number of different file formats.

What is a Livescribe Echo Smartpen?

The  Echo Smartpen from Livescribe records everything you hear, say and write, and links your audio recordings to your notes, so you can find what you need.  Packed with many features for tutoring, teaching or parenting, the Livescribe Echo Smartpen 4GB allows recording your audio, notes and drawings while preserving the relationship between audio and notes taken at the time of recording.  The integrated notes or pencasts, can be stored on the pen or Desktop where they can be organized and searched, broadcast, shared or archived.

The notes on the Livescribe Desktop can be converted from handwritten notes to digital text for improved searching and sharing.  Add a bilingual Spanish-English translator module and the student can tap a word for translation, pronunciation and definition.

Searching and Replaying

You can search pen or your own personal Livescribe web space, Livescribe Desktop, for all notes by keyword phrase (Spanish Language) by Date, and by the topic (whatever is meaningful for access—Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Grammer, Exercises, and Conversation might be important headings.

Special benefits for our student include capabilities to::

  • Capture a recording of every word or of highlights of the lecture integrated with text and drawings; the student can delete text, add drawings or images and new text
  • Record the teacher reading the lesson (a language like Russian is tough; you need to hear the instuctor’s enunciation & pronunciation)
  • Capture a complete recording of each Conversation Class
  • Store exercises, grammar and vocabulary,  on the Livescribe Desktop even creating a Custom Notebook by dragging and dropping Exercises from each lesson to improve the student’s language skills
  • Record an oral report for practice or record an immersion experiences-conversation at a local market or restaurant; speech by guest speaker
  • Replay class content by keyword, using audio controls to advantage to slow replay or speed it up, turn up volume or turn down (if the instructor has a heavy accent, it is particularly important to be able to slow the audio and to be able to repeat the replay multiple times)

Searching using Keywords

Keywords can help with note access, organization and structure and this is particularly important for foreign language learning.  Keywords can be identified for topics and subtopics based on how the student will want to access content, for structuring content and searching.  The Notebook might be Spanish Language, Lesson Number and Date as major keywords.  Within the Russian Language Lesson the student may want to record keywords that represent how the student will search.    For example, with three lessons on the pen, the student could bring up the first lesson, tap Vocabulary Preparation and listen to the replay.

The Livescribe Echo Smartpen allows you to skip back or skip forward using a keyword, very helpful for studying on Foreign Language.  Commuting to work may give the student time for 10 to 15 minutes to study vocabulary words several days a week.  The tiny size of the pen make it an ideal pocket recording smartpen The robust capabilities of the Livescribe Echo Smartpen Digital Voice Recorders make them study tools of enormous power, providing foreign language students with unprecedented opportunities at every stage of the learning process.

What the Livescribe smartpen means to a student is that the student will be freed from the note taking chore and able to listen to every word of the teacher’s lecture. If desired the student will be able to replay notes again and again.  Imagine how quickly the student’s language skills will improve.  When the student replay a section of the lecture at a slowed pace, the student’s will be able to  understand everything and this will make all the difference in the student’ experience learning a foreign language.

Livescribe Echo Smartpen Tireless Language Tutor

A Digital Echo Smartpen is a Tireless Language Learner. By adding the foreign language lessons to a Livescribe Echo Smartpen like the Livescribe Echo Smartpen 4GB, the student can access lessons and replay notes anytime, anywhere to practice language skills. The reading comprehension and pronunciation skills will rapidly improve as the student replays conversation lessons.

The Livescribe Echo Smartpen 4GB APA-00006 is as easy to carry as a traditional  ballpoint pen, but smarter. The student’s personal web space, the Livescribe Desktop stores 500MB of notes organized for retrieval as the student wishes. With 4GB storage on the pen, the Livescribe Echo Smartpen APA00006 can store about 200 hours of audio.  If the student transfers notes to the computer regularly,  he can store all Spanish Language lessons for a whole year.

On a 4GB Echo smartpen the student can store up to four hundred hours saved on the  pen recorder and more if you count the space online through the Livescribe Desktop online personal web space.  Notes on your computer are always available, making it a snap to use keywords to access the right lessons, read them for drilling, research, test preparation or insertion into a report or presentation.

Using Livescribe Echo Smartpen APA-00006 for Reading Comprehension

Accessing Spanish Conversation classes by Date, a student can practice reading comprehension everywhere.    Our foreign language conversation student can listen to their teacher pronounce words, and imitate their teacher’s pronunciation, or write what their teacher says. Or they can record an oral presentation of themselves reading a paragraph on their portable digital audio recorder, and then listen to their own pronunciation when they playback the recording.

Bottom Line

After learning how helpful a Livescribe 4 GB Echo Smartpen APA-00006 is as a tireless tutor for language learners, the foreign language student may not know how he lived without the help of a Livescibe Echo  Smartpen Digital Voice Recorder. Armed with this powerful study tool, Livescribe Echo Smartpen students will be able record, review, recite, and share all the information they need to to get top grades. Knowledge is power!

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