Livescribe ANA00043 Sticky Notes App Great for Teachers

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Livescribe ANA00043 Sticky Notes App Great For Teachers

If you’re a teacher or educator, you owe it to yourself to look at the Livescribe ANA-00043 Voice Recorder Sticky Notes App.  As you know, it’s important to keep track of everything and to communicate with parents, teachers and students. The challenge here is having an effective way to record content, organize it and share.  Livescribe has released their Voice Recorder Sticky Notes for these exact purposes.

What is a Livescribe Smartpen?

If you are familiar with Livescribe’s digital voice recorder smartpens, then you know that you can capture every word that you hear of a lecture or conversation as well as what you write or draw on the smartpen, synchronize the recordings and transfer the integrated notes to your computer personal online webspace, Livescribe Desktop, where you can organize the notes for searching and sharing and access them for playback later. Typically, your journal or notebooks have been used in order to capture your voice recording, keywords for searcing and handwritten notes and drawings.

What is the Livescribe ANA-000043 Sticky Notes App?

The Livescribe Voice Recorder Sticky Notes App is downloaded directly to the Smartpen and the ordered Sticky Notes sent via UPS.  The App comes with two 3″ by 5″ note pads and 3 3″ by3″ pads for a total 450 sheets of adhesive-backed paper and each sticky note is removable from a surface and repositionable.  For example, you might add a Sticky Note for a Special Assignment to a page in your notebook and move it to another page with altered message.

The recorded sticky notes can be moved to form a hierarchy of notes and each note modified to include the correct handwriting label, notes and audio message.

Like the Livescribe notebook, you can record your voice and writing using the pen and Livescribe Notebooks but the sticky notes are far more versatile. The sticky note pads are easier to carry around and you can record a sticky note to organize action items, address books, emails, a to-do list or guidelines for performing calculations very easily.  You can also automatically email an attached  Adobe PDF file (pencast) to parents, other teachers, colleagues or students.

You can quickly record a number of sticky notes from the class or same meeting using your smartpen, transfer them to your computer and use them as the basis for creating a custom notebook with a page of assignments, lectures, meeting notes and minutes or action items.

Communication with Teachers, Parents and Colleagues Key

Perhaps the most important use of this digital smartpen is as a tool for communication with  Colleagues, School Administrators, other Teachers and Parents.

President Obama has a cradle-to-career plan to reform our nation’s schools. He is calling on parents to take responsibility for their child’s success. His vision includes the belief that all children can and will succeed, and that parents are the bridge to this success.  Teachers help their students  succeed by connecting with parents.  Parents can help their children to succeed by:

  • finding out what’s needed to ensure the student reaches his or her potential
  • learning how the parent can help reach the identified goals.

To understand the role a Livescribe Voice Recording Smartpen and the Livescribe Sticky Note App might play in effective Parent/Teacher communication, check out this UTube video:

Another important use of the Livescribe ANA-000043 Voice Recorder Sticky Notes is the fact that you can add them to a page of a notebook or journal and transfer your notes to your Livescribe online web space, the Livescribe Desktop. You can say that the notebook is an interactive organizer; the sticky notes allow you to remind yourself what the contents of a page or two of the Journal or Notebook mean and what is left to do. Rather than having multiple pages you have to sift through, you can have all the content in one page.

You can view the Notebook recording adding  sticky notes as you look through the contents and even email notes to your coworkers to ask about what they think. It’s also possible to transfer your notes to colleagues via Evernote by mobile phone or computer and you will be able to view your notes that way.

Evernote synchs between different computers so you can share sticky note with friends and colleagues. You can also share by giving a teachers, school staff and colleague by creating a Custom Notebook on your Livescribe Desktop and  a short handwritten sticky note with an audio  reminder since you have transferred the contents of the note to computer.

The whole process will increase productivity for parent teacher communication, classroom, planning and preparation activities. The old way of taking down notes and trying to remember what you were thinking is no more. The recordings will remind you of your exact thought process at the time of recordings. When you attend a meeting with colleagues or parents,  you can record a sticky note on the pen and also share your notes with a meeting participant without having to explain when you transfer it on to somebody else who attended the meeting.

In conclusion the Livescribe ANA00043 Voice Recorder Sticky Notes App is a great application for teachers. There are many ways you can use sticky notes from brainstorming, research, assignments and scheduling, jotting down definitions or algorithms or even coming up with a shopping list. Now the whole process of jotting down ideas is more fluid and intuitive. Sharing your notes is also a godsend with these notes.For details on this great smartpen, Click Here: Livescribe 2 GB Echo Smartpen Starter Pack (APA-00009) !

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