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Livescribe Accessories

Product information about popular Livescribe Smartpen Accessories sold at Amazon, Livescribe or Third Party Vendors 

  1. Livescribe Paper Tablet
  2. Ink Related Products
  3. Paper-Related Products
  4. Reference 
  5. Other Livescribe Accessory  Products
Livescribe Paper Tablet

Livescribe Ink Products


Livescribe Paper-Related Accessories

Livescribe Paper: Flip Pads, Journals, and Notepads

Flip Notepad CoverAWA-00039 , Black, Blue, $12.95

Livescribe Smartpen Portfolio–8.25″ X 1″ X 8.7″ AAA-00016 faux leather Portfolio and Pen Holder fits Livescribe A5 NotePad or Journal sized for purse or briefcase.

Livescribe ANA-00043 Sticky Notes:  Adhesive Backing  Single Sheet Style, Pack of 4 pads 3X5 4 pack;  record a note or audio and  turn sticky note with keyword which is taggable and searchable on a single note that can be attached anywhere, in a sheet stuck in text book or storybook.

Livescribe Ink Accessories


Other Livescribe Accessories


Livescribe AAA-00014 Echo 3D Premium Recording Earbuds-360 degree 3D headset with noise isolating earphones that are useful for recording in conference and large meeting rooms, lecture and convention halls.  The earbuds are also useful in recording audio in any other venue where conversation comes from multiple directions, in front, back and sides or where you you will want to record discussion in a group environment. 


Micro USB cable for transferring notes and audio to your computer and it is also used to recharge the Livescribe 2GB Echo Smartpen

Universal USB AC Wall Adaptor for connecting the smartpen through the USB micro cable to any AC outlet for rechargivng.


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