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Echo 8GB Smartpen connected to Laptop

Echo 2 GB Smartpen connected to Laptop

The Livescribe 2 GB Echo Smartpen APA00009 is the best study aid for an ESL Student

ESL (English as a Second Language) students are realizing that the Livescribe 2 GB Echo Smartpen APA-00009  is one of the most helpful study aids currently available.  

Learning a new language always presents a great challenge, but this device is designed to make English as a second language a bit easier to grasp.  To see how easy this 2GB Echo Smartpen APA-00009 is to use, check out this YouTube video:

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 Livescribe Echo 2GB Benefits for ESL Students

Some skeptics, however, wonder how the Livescribe 2GB Echo Smartpen Starter Pack APA 00009 could help the learning process. This skepticism is based on a failure to understand the capabilities of the Smartpen, how it works, and how it can deliver the help that students who are studying a new language need.

Some information about the Livescribe Echo 2 GB Smartpen APA-00009 might alleviate some of the skepticism about this device and explain why it is the best study aid and learning tool for ESL students.

Most people know about the tremendous influx of Spanish-speaking immigrants, but they may not realize that about 30% of these immigrants are children.  Learning is always challenging for young children in school, but the challenge is multiplied significantly whenever a language barrier is present.

Naturally, a student dealing with a language barrier must expend additional effort just to overcome it.  Being able to use the right tools and study aids can enhance a student’s potential for learning and accelerate language proficiency significantly.

The Livescribe 2GB Echo Smartpen offers many features which can provide an impressive level of support and assistance for students.

Superior Note-taking with Complete Audio

For example, on a basic level, the pen can capture a complete record of classroom lectures and tutoring sessions.  This material can then be played back and reviewed on demand, as and when it’s needed.  The student can search notes for the best starting point and play just highlights or a complete recording again and again.

The recordings can also be stored on the computer in the student’s online personall Livescribe Desktop, a feature which enables the student to review his or her lessons multiple times during periods when school is not in session, such as during the summer.  Parents who would like their child to be able to review lessons and exercises during summer break appreciate this device.

A student learning English as a second language will never need to be out of synch with his or her studies when a Livescribe 2 GB Echo Smartpen Starter Pack APA00009 is available.  This gives ESL students a significant advantage because they’ll always be able to stay abreast with their studies and (at least hopefully) not fall behind.  A student who is able to avoid falling behind can make significant progress in his or her studies.  This alone is enough to make the Livescribe 2 GB Echo Smartpen APA-00009 a “smart” investment for an ESL student as well as any foreign language learner.

Other Important Features of the Livescribe 2 GB Echo Smartpen Starter Pack APA-00009

This device is a highly effective study aid which is extremely user-friendly.  It turns a traditional writing implement into an amazing learning tool which is different than everything else that is currently available.  The recordings that can be made with the Livescribe 2 GB Echo Smartpen APA-00009  can be saved digitally after synchronizing them with any drawings or notes made by the student.  The student can then retrieve these recordings using a keyword and play them back in order to hear the recording, a capability which can enhance the student’s ability to learn immensely.

As you can see, the Smartpen is much more than a pen that is able to record audio.  In fact, it is a learning tool with comprehensive features which can improve a student’s potential to learn English tremendously.

The large personal online storage of the Livescribe Desktop enables a student to organize and retrieve over 500 MB of notes whenever needed, but the Desktop also provides several other useful features, including:

  • The ability to initiate applications, and to export and publish from there;
  • The ability to create a Custom Notebook online to focus on important learning material like language vocabularey , grammar and language dialogue;
  • The chance to practice oral reports and conversation before class;
  • Portable pen is available 24/7 for use in recording soical occasions and phone conversations
  • After class questions and answers as well as comments can be recorded on the pen

Another great thing about the Livescribe Echo 2 GB SmartpenAPA-00009  is the number of great apps available for download and purchase.

Search Pencast PDFs in Your Evernote Premium unt

Livescribe offers a FREE One Year Subscription to Evernote Premium when a Livescribe Echo pen is purchased and registered. The Evernote Premium software aids in syncing notes from Livescribe Desktop and mobile phone.

The student who writes writes many notes may be interested in converting the audio and handwritten notes to digital text, integrating them as a pencast.  A pencast is a digital version of the notes, drawings and audio in the form of an audio clip which can be stored on the pen, and transferred to the personal web space, the Livescribe Desktop. The optional MyScript for Livescribe App creates digital text that facilitates search, interface with Microsoft Office Apps and sharing.  

A must-have for students learning English as a second language is the 40,000 word American Heritage Spanish English translation module, which enables a student to tap on an English word to return the translated term with definition and pronunciation.

There is also a 70,000 word American Heritage English Dictionary App which provides definitions, of course, but pronounces the word as well.

Hard work is required in order for an ESL student to achieve proficiency in English … or is it?  The fact of the matter is that a student will become proficient in English quicker and with less effort is he or she is equipped with the right tools and study aids.  The Livescribe 2 GB Echo Smartpen Starter Pack APA-00009 is one of the best of all the learning aid products that are currently available.

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