How Does a Smartpen Work?

How Does A Smartpen Work?

This Video offers a create overview of a Livescribe Smartpen!

Create Integrated Digital Recording

First, using special dot paper, the pen digitally records a complete record of whatever the user writes or draws while simultaneously capturing a complete audio record of every sound. The Livescribe Digital Voice Recorder never misses a word! Capturing an audio recording enables the audio to be synchronized with the timing of what was written or drawn, so the users can later see what was being said while they were writing or drawing. The synchronization makes it possible to add or update audio, handwritten notes and drawings later and synchronize with the original recording.Store and Retrieve Integrated Recordings:

The pen saves and stores the recorded digital information in an integrated format that synchronizes writing and drawing with sound, a “pencast”. Notes stored in the pen can be transferred to the personal Livescribe online webspace, Livescribe Desktop (PC or Mac), where they can be edited like any other computer file. Whether on the smartpen or Livescribe Desktop, the notes can be updated, and notes and audio added while the links between text and audio are maintained. An optional application called MyScript for Livescribe can be used on the Livescribe Desktop to convert handwritten data into digital text and store notes or notebooks in that format on the Desktop. From there the notes can be edited and transferred to other programs such as word processing programs, text files, email, or picture formats such as PDF files.

Search, Update, Replay:

The digital information stored in the pen and/or on the Livescribe Desktop can be searched, retrieved, updated, and replayed using the additional memory space and capability offered by Livescribe Desktop software. Special words or phrases jotted down in the original pencast or notebook can be used to search to retrieve the original recordings A single section of the recording can also be accessed and played by tapping on one keyword; tapping on a second keyword to play another section and then tapping a third keyword to move on from section to section. Using an optional app, pencasts can also be transferred to the smartpen for use offline.Organize and Manage Notes:

Using pencasts or integrated digital text and audio clips on the pen or Livescribe Desktop, digital information can be combined to create custom virtual e-notebooks for storage, management, and sharing. A new Custom Notebook can be created by accessing pencasts from one of more virtual notebooks and dragging and dropping content. Additional drawings and changes can be incorporated into e-notebooks, along with notes from Livescribe Community online, with content integrated and synchronized. You can search and retrieve notebooks and pencasts for printing, and creating CDs and PDFs. 

Share and Collaborate:

Once notes stored as private files on the Livescribe Desktop can published as public files to the Livescribe Community Online or exported to another computer (PC or Mac), where they can be edited like any other computer file. The notes can be combined with files from the Livescribe Community Online, and text files, image files, PDF files, sound files, videos, or slideshows. Pencasts from the Livescribe Community and the Livescribe Personal Desktop can retrieved and played offline or exported via the Internet, or mobile phone.As you can see from this, the smartpen is much more than a digital voice recording device. It acts as nothing less than a portable, pocket-sized extension of your computer, the internet, and your mobile phone.You can carry the pen in your pocket or purse to record every word of a presentation, conversation or conference. Never miss a thought! Collect information for later storage, search and retrieval, editing and sharing. Replay retrieved information using superior audio controls which allow you to slow the recording for comprehension or speed it up. Pause the replay while you take notes and continue replay. Skip to the next keyword or back a keyword or two to manage replay in most efficient chunks. Because the pen possesses such powerful capability, its range of applications is virtually as enormous as that of computers and mobile phones

Remember record a class andNever Miss a Thought


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