APA00007 Livescribe 8GB Pen Recorder Publishing Resource

Echo 8GB Smartpen connected to Laptop

Echo 8 GB Smartpen connected to Laptop

APA00007 Livescribe 8GB Pen Recorder Publishing Resource

Seven Top Reasons for Using Echo Digital Voice Recorder in the Publishing Process

APA00007 Livescribe 8 GB Pen Recorder-publishing resource for engaging listeners. Yesterday I watched a webinar that touted the value of a digital recorder for capturing contents of an eBook in the process of being published on Amazon. The digital recording will be converted to digital text.

There are many types of note-taking activities for which the Livescribe Echo Digital Voice Recorder is a much better choice. The Livescribe Echo 8GB Smartpen APA00007 records every word you hear, write and draw, with the recording of audio and drawings truly clear.

Are you hoping to publish a technical document with drawings or a formula, record data flow diagrams for brainstorming or system development lifecycle documentation? Perhaps best of all is when you record interactive children’s books with sketches you will realize the value of this superb pen.

Benefits of a Livesccribe Echo Voice Recorder

The notes, audio and drawings can be updated, enhanced, synchronized, and stored on the digital pen recorder. Transfer the integrated and synthesized notes to the Livescribe Desktop, the 500 MB personal online web space that comes with a Livescribe 8GB Pen Recorder. With the optional MyScript for Livescribe convert handwritten notes to digital text.

From the Desktop, notes can be emailed to a mobile phone, to Facebook or Evernote or uploaded to your Amazon account for publishing. Notes on requirements and revisions can be sent to your publisher and illustrator,

Seven Top Reasons to use a Livescribe 8GB Pen Recorder APA00007 as a Publishing Resouce

 It is important to engage the person(s) listening to the book being created or the story being read. There are certain audiences and certain listeners who will enjoy listening more if an interactive Livescribe digital voice recorder smartpen is used for recording. Here are seven top reasons for using an Echo Digital Voice Recorder as a Publishing Resource:

  1. Establish Custom Notebook on the Livescribe Desktop: including draft Book, Revisions, Illustrations, comments, issues. Drag and drop content from multiple notebooks, files, image files and sound sticker files to build one Project virtual notebook for your book. Audio input from writer, illustrator, editor is also recorded, added to the Custom Notebook and distributed.
  2. Extend, update and enhance content, including drafts and revisions. Use the Livescribe Paper Tablet an app that acts like a graphics tablet, allowing you to add sketches, changes to Google Docs, videos and audio.  Email revisions to Editor, Illustrator.
  3. Edit and Convert Content-Using MyScript for Livescribe, convert handwritten notes to digital text, and then edit and enhance notes with sketches and illustrations.
  4. Enrich the lives of bedridden patients in Hospitals and Nursing Homes: Create Interactive audio books. Capture audio on the digital pen recorder. A Visitor taps a Livescribe Sticky Note or a Livescribe Sound Sticker to play a chapter of a book or a short article or book. A visitor to an Alzheimer patient may not be comfortable reading. Wouldn’t it be nice to have recorded interactive books available with a Livescribe 8GB Echo Digital Voice Recorder at a Hospital and Nursing Home to engage patients as much as possible. Tap Livescribe Audio Recording Sound Sticker in a great book of animals to play audio. At each pause, the person visiting can mention the special features of the animals and illustrations. Perhaps more people will visit when the Livescribe pen recorder is available to do all the work.
  5. Engage children in learning to read and reading comprehension: use interactive exercises stored on the digital pen to use a Word Wall, flashcards and interactive games. Put fun and excitement into learning.
  6. Excite children by creating Interactive Talking Storybooks; Livescribe Echo Digital Voice Recorders can help children engage in learning while having fun.  Parents can record a Livescribe Audio Sound Sticker on the cover of a Storybook to give the title of the Storybook and description.  A separate sound sticker can capture audio for a chapter or page that the reader wants read to a child. Tap the Sound Sticker on the Cover to begin and Stop at the end. The audio can be recorded and played for the whole Storybook Pause the recording to point out special animals or features. One highlight of reading with a pen is that the recording can be made by a child’s favorite reader. Does the child like the sounds Daddy makes when the Lion roars.Reading is more fun if the story is told as Daddy tells it!
  7. Enhance publishing detail and improve organization and note and book distribution; The Livescribe 8GB Pen Recorder has advanced computer search capabilities: Record special words (keywords) in story or book for content and research retrieval. Check word combinations for checking competion for website design. For children search for terms such as “historical fiction for young teens” to find notes, and research interactive Talking Storybooks recorded and stored on the Livescribe Desktop.
Livescribe Paper Tablet App

Paper Tablet App

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Livescribe Echo Digital Voice Recorder Smartpen

Echo 8GB Smartpen APA-00007

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Bottom Line:

I believe these are seven top reasons why for using an Echo Digital Voice Recorder in the Publishing Process. The APA00007  Livescribe 8GB Pen Recorder APA00007 is a great publishing resource.

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