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Livescribe Digital Voice Recorder Sound Stickers An Innovative App for English Language Learners

Those that are learning English as a second language will find the Livescribe Voice Recorder Sound Stickers App to be a great help. Some might be a little skeptical that something as simple as a Smartpen app can really help a young one learn a second language. Don’t be so skeptical. Digital Smartpen assistive technology has come a long way in recent years.

This very simple concept works tremendously well as a means of helping young ones in Kindergarten and Primary Grades pick up the basics of the English language rather effectively. Check out video below which shows how easy it is to create a vocabulary list (you can use image stickers to show the object with sound sticker recording pronouncing the word and providing a definition and sentence.  Great, eh?

The truth of the matter is many youngsters have a hard time grasping the basics of a second language even when they are enrolled in an excellent learning program. This is why the support of a simple interactive aid  such as the Voice Recorder Sound Stickers  is a great help. It aids in overcoming a number of the common hurdles one faces especially when confronting a language barrier.

Livescribe Digital Voice Recorder Smartpen

This Smartpen serves a very basic function: it can record every word the teacher says in class as well as handwritten notes and drawings.

In the past, pens such as this were right out if the espionage genre. Today, they are right at home in the ESL classroom. An entire lecture will be captured on the pen and this means the entire class can be played back when the time comes to study the material.

There is only so much a child can retain from what he or she has heard in the classroom. When the child is somewhat struggling with the material, the ability to retain everything can be even more difficult. The ability to play back the recorded material time and time again allows the student to maintain a better understanding of what is being taught.  Through repetition,  familiarity increases the learning. The more the student listens to the class replayed, the more the teacher’s words will be ingrained on the student’s mind.

Another tremendous benefit can be gained from recording class sessions with the pen. The child can maintain a complete archive of all the classes that have been taught. All of the audio recordings can be stored on a PC or laptop; the archive of courses can be transferred to computer, to the Livescribe Desktop for storage in  a custom  digital notebook. With keywords for searching any and every lesson can be accessed easily and even shared with friends or a study group.

The Benefits of Using the Livescribe Sound Stickers App

There is another benefit which can be tapped into and this would be the Livescribe Voice Recorder Sound Stickers App. The ability to record digital media is definitely a help but when you are dealing with very young children, you may need a little additional help. The concept of audio stickers could provide this much needed help.

Livescribe Sound Sticker

Did you know there is also a Livescribe Sound Stickers App available? The app comes with 1000 sound stickers roughly ¾” in diameter; you record to add a digital audio file to each sticker. You can then play back the audio on the interactive sticker by tapping the sticker.  The very young ones will be sure to be captivated by the interactive flash card or game.

Kids are often visual learners and they might not completely respond well to a mere audio recording. However, when the recording is presented on a sticker that adheres to an illustrated story page or a picture of a lion , they might “watch” and listen to it.

There is also quite a bit of creativity which can be employed when you are using sound stickers. You have the potential to make flash cards, talking books, word walls for vocabulary and math facts and various study guides. Such flexibility certainly serves a wide range of benefits since you always want to be able to access the best way to help the young one to learn.

Once again, when a student is struggling learning English as a second language, you want to alleviate some of the stress from the process. This way, the child will be much more enthused about learning a second language and about other academic subjects.

Librarians, teachers and parents can record sound stickers and affix one to each page of a student’s favorite storybooks. If a student is studying Spanish the audio might be in Spanish.  For a Student studying English, the talking book can “read to the student” (play back) in English. A student learning English can read slowly, sounding out words on a page along with the voice on the recording.

You could even come up with all manner of games you could play integrating the stickers into the mix, games like concentration. This opens the door to captivating the young one’s attention and once you have the child’s attention, the ability for the child to learn increases exponentially….and that is no exaggeration!

Where can you get the Digital Voice Recorder Smartpen app to do all of this? You just need a download code for the Livescribe Voice Recorder Sound Stickers App and you can get the App at Livescribe online. It installs easily and once it is installed, it is ready to use.

Why Wait to Benefit

There is really no reason to wait. If you already have a Livescribe Digital Voice Recorder Smartpen you will want to put it to good use. Among the best ways to do this would be to add the Livescribe Voice Recorder Sound Stickers App. It can enhance the learning process and add fun for children in ways you never expected.

The Livescribe Voice Recorder Sound Stickers App is an innovative learning app for foreign language learners.

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