Livescribe Echo Digital Voice Recorders Good Deals

Echo 8GB Smartpen connected to Laptop

Echo 8 GB Smartpen connected to Laptop

Livescribe Echo Digital Voice Recorders Good Deals 

 For details on the 4GB Smartpen Deal visit:Livescribe 4 GB Echo Smartpen APX00005

The Livescribe Echo Smartpen Digital Voice Recorders  have taken the world by storm since introduction about 2 years ago and yet these smartpens offer great value, great features and functionality for the cost.

Your Echo Voice Recorder Smartpen can capture everything you hear, write and draw while you listen to the speaker and take notes, helping you work smarter not harder.  Import ideas and notes via the Livescribe Online Community or via mobile phone to leverage the work of others, customize your notes and share the results!

How to Select the Best Livescribe Echo Smartpen Digital Voice Recorder for You

Which pen is right for you depends on what you plan to do with it, how much you want to spend, and other factors. This site is designed to present links to Echo Smartpen Reviews, and unbiased current information you need to make an informed, wise purchasing decision on the best digital smartpen for you.

Digital provides reviews of all Livescribe Echo Voice Recorder Smartpes for general and special needs.  Each Audio Recorder product and Bundle Product is reviewed as well as accessories and software of interest to many visitors.  To learn more about:

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  • Livescribe Software

To read about Livescribe Smartpen Applications, visit Livescribe Smartpen Applications

What is Special About a Livescribe Echo Smartpen Digital Voice Recorder?

If a pen is mightier than a sword, a Livescribe pen may be an electronic missile!  An Echo Digital Voice Recorder offers  technically superior design and myriad features that make these products stand out among their competitors in the market. Some of the features and functions of these smartpens that set Livescribe smartpens apart include:

  • The ability to capture every word of a lecture or conversation on the smartpen with impressive clarity; with a smartpen you need never miss a thought.
  • The capability to record a voice recording, as well as digital handwriting and drawing and record with all the notes synchronized and stored on the smartpen or transferred to the computer for organization, update, search and replay
  • Ability to  convert handwriting into digital text for improved searching and replaying  the Livescribe Desktop, the free 500MB web space offered by Livescribe.   On the Livescribe Desktop you can archive notes, organize for search and retrieval, and search for replay or export for sharing.
  • Ability to update the notes that are stored on the Livescribe Desktop like any ordinary computer file. Recorded notes, images and text files can be combined with the integrated notes and custom virtual notebooks created. Export information from the Desktop to Facebook, Google Docs, Evernote or even a cell phone for sharing
  • Search notes and retrieve by keyword replaying using superior audio controls. Replay at a slower speed to improve comprehension, pause, and restart, skip to a prior keyword or jump forward to another.
  • Record 200 to 800 hours of content or even thousands of pages on the pen depending on the pen or transfer pen notes to the computer and free space for more recording.

Livescribe Echo Smartpen Digital Voice Recorder Introduced 2010

In 2008 the award-winning Livescribe 2 GB Pulse Digital Voice Recorder was unveiled.  In July of 2010, Livescribe announced its flagship product line, Echo Digital Voice Recorders, featuring the Livescribe 2GB Echo Smartpen,  the 4 GB Smartpen and the 8 GB Smartpen.

The Livescribe Echo Smartpen Digital Voice Recorder turned out to be great successes, with almost one million in smartpen sales in the year since introduction. The smartpens are often discounted with new deals and free shipping available at Amazon. Currently, until January 31st 2012, for example Livescribe is offering a free one-year subscription to Evernote Premium for each Livescribe smartpen purchased and registered in 2012.

Frequent Echo Digital Voice Recorder Enhancements 

New accessories for the Echo Smartpens have been introduced throughout the year ensuring Livescribe’s top ranking in the digital smartpen technology arena.

This last fall the popular Voice Recorder Sticky Notes were announced and shortly after Livescribe Voice Recorder Sound Stickers, 3/4″ adhesive-backed sound stickers which can be affixed anywhere to bring an exercise or page to life with a tap of a Livescribe smartpen.

Livescribe Audio Recording Sticky Notes

To read about the marvellous Livescribe Voice Recorder Sticky Notes App, visit here:

Livescribe Audio Recorder Sound Sticker on Index Card

To read about the awesome Livescribe Voice Recorder Sound Stickers App, visit here:

Significant advances over the year and a half include the introduction of Connect Premium for emailing, the Livescribe Paper Tablet for viewing a specific page for a video and a Google Doc to be annotated in portrait or landscape mode.

Livescribe Paper Tablet App

Paper Tablet App

To read about the novel Livescribe Paper Tablet App, visit here:

For educators and parents take a look at the Livescribe Sound Stickers App that provides the capability to record a talking book on a sound sticker which you can place on the cover of a short story to tell the story or describe a talking storybook.  Add a sound sticker to each page to make it come to life and a couple more to add sounds like a lion roaring.  The child can listen to Daddy read by tapping on the sound sticker.  Daddy’s voice will be as clear as if he were holding the child!

Take a look at the amazing creativity you can achieve as a teacher or parent using the basic Livescribe Echo Smartpen  with the help of a Livescribe Audio Recording Sound Stickers App.  You can bring fun and excitement ot a child reading a page of a talking storybook of the Three Little Pigs, with sound stickers recorded and affixed to each page of the storybook to sound the words along with the child and create an interactive learning to read experience.

Imagine a map on the wall of an elementary school class.  With a sound sticker affixed next each state on the map, a student can listen to the map tell us about each state, its capital, when the state was founded, its nickname, and even some trivia about it.  Sound fantastic?

The more fun learning is and the more engaged in learning a child is, the easier it becomes for the child to learn.  With  a Livescribe Echo Smartpen Digital Voice Recorder and the Livescribe Sound Stickers App, you wont have to worry about learning being dull!

The Livescribe Echo Digital Voice Recorders are Good Deals now and all have the same features and great functionality.  The Livescribe Echo Smartpen Products vary by storage from 2GB to 8GB; the notes on the 2GB pen may need to be transferred to your computer online Livescribe storage, each night when you recchare the battery. Not difficult eh?

Check  Amazon where Livescribe Digital Voice Recorders are good deals; the Livescribe 2 GB Echo Smartpen APA00009 can be purchased at a great value for performance.

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