Welcome to, Have you been searching for a digital voice recorder smartpen to record your audio, retrieve your books and handwritten notes and create interactive talking story books? Do you want information that will help you select the best audio voice recorder smartpen? You have come to the right place.  We hope you will make a one-stop resource for selecting and using these amazing electronic pens, learning about their marvellous capabilities and creating reading and playing talking story books. Digital will share ideas on how  to create and use interactive talking storybook features that make these smartpens seem almost magical. Watch the Video How do You Make a Dragon Laugh? Lia’s Magic Dragon, An Interactive Talking Storybook. Read about the special interactive elements that can make an Interactive Talking Storybook unique.  Examples will be given of the creation and use of the interactive features designed to engage and excite your child in reading at (, a website based on How de You Make a Dragon Laugh.

Watch this astonishing video, How do You Make a Dragon Laugh? Lia’s Magic Dragon to see the story unfold.


Sign up for our Digital Smartpens eNews which will feature articles related to building a library of interactive talking story books. Add your first name and address at the right, and you’ll receive a  FREE bonus report“Your Smart Buyer’s Guide to Smartpens”The bonus report will get you up to speed on the Livescribe Voice Recorder Smartpen products. Learn all about how to choose the right digital smartpen for you, and how you can maximize the capabilities of these amazing tools. XLIBRIS has Published an interactive Dragon Story, How to Make a Dragon Laugh, Lia’s Magic Dragon Xlibris Publishing Corporation published our book last month. The book is a Juvenile Fantasy Dragon Story in the Fantasy and Magic Category for children ages 4 to 8. The dragon story, How do you Make a Dragon Laugh, is the book that has been sampled on this website for several months. BLLaughingDragon40


Free Audio MP3: dragons (2) To read a FREE Excerpt of How do You Make a Dragon Laugh? Lia’s Magic Dragon click here:  For information about this Children’s Fantasy Picture Book visit: will provide examples of Interactive Talking Storybook Elements including:

  1. Internal Links to additional information : Spaceship, Dinosaurs, Endangered Animals
  2. Important Vocabulary
  3. Livescribe Audio Recording Sound Stickers: Tap a sticker to hear the Dragon Roar, to go to the next page, etc.
  4. External Links to sites that the child might find interesting

All Livescribe Smartpens support creating interactive elements for Talking Story Books; all record handwriting and drawing and integrate the two with audio recordings. Livescribe Voice Recorder Smartpens Selection The Livescribe Sky Wi-Fi Smartpens all feature wireless and Cloud Services technologies  but otherwise are very similar to the Echo Digital Voice Recorder pens. All the Livescribe smartpens support creation and use of interactive elements for Talking Storybooks, Books and exercises. To read about a great Livescribe app for creating Interactive eBooks using a Livescribe pen, visit here FREE excerpt from our Talking Storybook “Lia’s Magic Dragon” can be copied and used to add interactive elements using Livescribe smartpens. You can try an interactive element like the Livescribe Audio Recording Sound Stickers out. These elements can be used  to bring a story to life  and engage children in reading activities helping them have fun. Read more about the Awesome Livescribe Sound Stickers App right here The Livescribe Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen introduced end of October 2012 features wireless and Cloud Services technologies but otherwise is very similar to the Echo Digital Voice Recorder pens.

                            Sky 4GB WiFi Smartpen APX-00011

LIVESCRIBE Announces SKY 4GB Wi-Fi Smartpen

Livescribe Launched a new voice recorder product line, the Livescribe Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen. The Sky pens feature wireless and cloud services technologies but otherwise are very similar to the Livescribe Echo Digital Voice Recorder Smartpens. Livescribe announced the mobile SKY tablet with 4GB Wi-Fi Smartpen APX-00011 Monday, October 29, 2012, a new smartpen paradigm for digital writing solutions that is the first digital voice recorder to integrate wireless and Cloud technologies. View a You Tube video of this amazing offering below: The latest of three voice recorder product offerings by Livescribe, the SKY 4GB Wi-Fi Smartpen APX-00011 provides SKY and Smartpen access anytime, anywhere 24/7.  Sky Smartpens come in 4 sizes, Sky with 2 GB Smartpen, Sky with 4 GB Smartpen and Sky with 8 GB Smartpen Propack. Notes and audio are integrated and wirelessly transferring to pen owner’s secure Evernote accounts where they are synched, searched and shared publicly or privately via email, Facebook, Twitter. To read more about the Sky Wi-Fi 4 GB Smartpen APX-00011, visit here Other Livescribe Echo and Pulse Smartpen Products We have also provided product details and Livescribe Smartpen Product links for Echo and Pulse Smartpens, Accessories, Apps, and Supplies.  

Echo Pen      Pulse Pen       Accessories           Apps           Supplies

Simply put, a Livescribe digital writing solution involves amazing technology which can change your life.

Digital can and will transform your life for the better, and revolutionize your digital recording and writing experiences at home, at school and/or in the office. Our FREE bonus report has all of the insider secrets that will help you make the most out of digital smartpens and digital voice recorders, and will ensure you become the envy of your colleagues, friends and classmates.

Here’s a small glimpse at this fantastic FREE bonus report which you can access immediately when you sign up for our Digital Smartpen eNews:

  • 3 hidden secrets you must utilize to stop missing audio or producing illegible notes
  • 5 easy habits to create custom notebooks for sharing and collaboration
  • How to select the best apps and accessories you need to make the most out of your digital smartpen and get your own digital writing solutions kit.
  • The digital smartpen trends most likely to impact your digital writing solutions in 2012
  • How to integrate audio recordings and handwritten notes to ensure you never miss a thought
  • How to capture an entire day of audio and lecture notes without access to a computer
  • And much more!

You can get instant access to all of this and more when you sign up for our Digital SmartPen eNews using the form at the right today! We know that your life is busy, and you’re probably bombarded each and every day with advertisements claiming that certain products or tools can make a difference for you. However, few of these can live up to the hype.

Luckily for you though, the Livescribe Echo Smartpen not only fits the bill, it exceeds expectations, and will quickly become your  favorite and most useful piece of technology. When you’re shopping for the best digital smartpens on the market, you’ll find everything you need here to make the perfect decision now for the right digital pen for you at the best price.

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Take advantage of the contents of many of the most popular posts on our website by checking out the information on  The  Featured Posts Menu on the right including:

  1.  Current posts on the Best Digital Voice Recorder Products
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  4. Current Buzz on what’s happening at Livescribe that may impact the roll out of current and future products

You’ll also find everything you need to know about Livescribe Accessories and  Software, the latest smartpen trends, eNews and tips, all in one spot, and all right here.

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The Digital Smartpen Difference

Digital smartpens and digital voice recorders can revolutionize your daily experience and routine. You can seamlessly transfer all of your handwritten notes into organized, searchable digital notes, with no extra work, hassle or inconvenience. Collaborate with colleagues or classmates by quickly sharing notes online. Synchronize your notes and your audio recordings to access one fluid experience with all of the information you need housed in one spot. And much more, all in one handheld tool. With Livescribe digital writing solutions, the next time you go to class, you’re traveling across the country or you’re heading to the big meeting, you can leave the computer at home. Better yet – you may not need to worry about spending $1,000, $1,500, $2,000 or more on a fancy new laptop! Instead, get even more functionality and capability with one convenient tool, and save yourself hundreds or thousands of dollars at the same time! Act today and bring home the best Echo Smartpen to meet your needs. And don’t forget to sign up for our free Digital Smartpens newsletter, and receive your special bonus report. Thank you for visiting the site – we know that with our tips and guidelines, you’ll see for yourself why the Livescribe Echo Smartpen is a must have product, and how you can best utilize it to your advantage to

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  1. Michael Wei says:

    We are from Taiwan, we ever sales DP-601 +IWB in Taiwan education market,
    hope to understand more about your pen system, please send product catalog or
    datasheet for our reference, we like to evaluate if the pens fit our application and market.

    • smartpens says:

      Hi Michael,
      Livescribe does not publish a product catalog as far as I know. If you want to visually and quidkly learn new, effective and useful features of each digital voice recorder pen product, I recommend going to to the pen manufacturer. Livescribe has arranged all smartpen models within smartpen product lines and provides images and a little text on each product, accessory or software. A product listing is somewhat like an invoice on a window of a new car which lists horsepower, air conditioning etc. The Livescribe website does not provide much detail an use of the benefits and features of each smartpen product.
      Livescribe has an Education Department that provides some information on smartpen use. Livesribe does provide educational package discounts for administrators, educators and students for Livescribe products.
      The Features and benefits of Livescribe Smartpen Products should be reviewed against the requirements of each target audience for the Livesribe Smartpen product. Smartpen product audiences for an education system include:
      o School administrators
      o Librarians
      o Teachers
      o Parents (for family engagements activities, PT conferences), communication
      o Students (for out of school learning, reading and sharing
      o College Students
      Livescribe has put together an amazing set of smart pens in two major product lines. I would recommend looking at the overall requirements of each target audience. At Livexribe quickly and visually learn the products, accessories and software available. Then look at detailed product reviews of the major smartpen products with features and benefits important to the selected audience. Also look at the posts that describe best practices for using a Livescribe Smartpen product for the target audience in question.
      I will try to post a blog Today or tomorrow for that identifies a Detailed Product Review for each major product in a product line as well as Smartpen Uses to support major players in an educational system. I will provide links to these articles.
      Thanks for writing!
      Good luck,
      Susan Coursey

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